Keep Smiling: I Kandu It!

Consider the smile for a staged photograph versus capturing authentic joy in a candid.

     A demonstration of genuine faith is to keep smiling in the midst of adversity and anguish. The key is to build up the confidence that everything will be alright. Smiling then serves as an outward expression of the hope for things to become better. Smiling then acknowledges the expectation of things working together for the best outcome possible.

     Rest assured that I’ve been there. One thing, after another. It felt like I could not catch a break from the things that were going wrong in my life. I was stressed and overwhelmed. I was choosing to believe in my devastating circumstances more than my God. That was an incredibly dangerous season in my life, but it was necessary for me. I won’t ever lack faith again. I still face challenges with a frown from time to time. I have to check myself in that moment and remember that the Lord has the final say-so. I even allow myself to cry over things; however, I know better than to give power to negativity. Instead, I recognize the dominion I have over my obstacle and inevitably, I smile.

Be encouraged that your faith must be stronger and bigger than your circumstances, so that you can see past what is in front of you. As you grow in your faith, you will expect greater. With higher expectations, no one and nothing will keep you from smiling. You will possess the kind of confidence that keeps a smile on your face.

Be encouraged today that when you have faith, you can anticipate the sunshine after the rain. Keep smiling through your stormy days. I thank God for the restored joy in my life. Know that nobody, so certainly nothing, can steal your joy!

Philippians 4:11-13, Hebrews 11:1-3

Recommended music: “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin


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