Being Consistent: I Kandu It!

     Too many times I talked a good game, only to let excuses prevail and keep me from following through on what I said I was going to do. It sounded incredible at first. I would even develop an action plan. Time would pass without any additional effort, so my enthusiasm would wither and ultimately fade away. I’ve reflected over the many things I’ve left unaccomplished and neglected; however, my elevated mindset and brand new Kandu attitude remind me that therein lies an opportunity for growth! My new approach is to stay faithful and consistent on just a few things at a time. I avoid becoming overwhelmed, flustered and frustrated. With my new approach, I can focus and remain determined to follow through with what I seek to achieve. My juggling threshold has been three. I gracefully handle a maximum of three goals at once. It has been enough to keep me delightfully diligent.

Be encouraged today to drop the excuses, follow through with your goals and have fun on your way to achieving them!
     Being consistent has challenged my faith. I’ve become bolder and more excited about stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to demonstrate my faith. It was baby steps at first comparable to wading water. I exercised patience with the process leading up to higher stakes. Eventually, I’ve taken bigger, bolder steps much like diving into the deep end. I’m more aware of what it takes to refuse to quit. I’ve followed through with ideas I’ve had no matter how lonely I’ve felt or how small my progress was perceived. Some progress is much better than none. Time allowed me to understand that some progress leads to more progress that leads to much progress. No progress, however, always led to no progress. The most challenging moments can be just getting started.

Be encouraged that your momentum will pick up and propel you forward if only you’ll willing to start. Start somewhere! The stronger you grow in your faith, the more direction you will sense from the Lord. You Kandu It!

     It is valuable to strategize your journey to being consistent to ensure your success. For me, I must keep it fun. I keep my positivity up with daily affirmations and positive messages. They have become my resources to fall back on when the inevitable trials and tribulations of life attempt to trip me up. Every now and then, I stumble, but never do I fall. I maintain a journal. 

     Actually, I have two: a prayer journal and an everything else journal. They keep me organized and later will serve as a recorded account for my progress as God continues to bless me. I hold myself accountable, but also have accountability partners. These two people support me but are there to call me out when I’m not holding myself to my higher standard. Be encouraged that you can talk about it and be about it, too! It may take some time and strategy, but you’ve got this. Know that you Kandu It!


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