Surrender: I Kandu It!

     To surrender was a last resort. It was something you did when your back was against the wall. You’ve ran out of options, and you had ultimately been defeated. Sounds like a moment of weakness, doesn’t it?

Consider the definition of the word, surrender:


     Doesn’t exactly shed a positive light on what it means to surrender; however, I’ve considered my act of surrending to the Lord as yielding to the One who truly has my best interest at heart. When I surrender to the Lord, I am submitting to my Savior who loves me and will tend to my every need. I’d much rather surrender myself under the circumstances of knowing I will be safe in a place of refuge.

     Surrending to the Lord has become a place of solidarity from a place of confusion, anxiety and shame. Be encouraged today that when you surrender yourself to the Lord, you are positioning yourself for greatness, power and glory. Surrender then becomes a moment of strength, even when you are weak, fragile, broken and feeling as though you are under seige. Be encouraged that right there in that moment, if you’ll cry out to the Lord, he will use that weakness to demonstrate His power. Know that you Kandu It!

Psalm 46:1, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Psalms 71:3

Surrender yourself to the Lord. Find solace in the songs, I Give Myself Away and Withholding Nothing by William McDowell. Be encouraged to collaborate with the Lord in your time of need! Listen to the beautiful lyrics of “Let Go” by Dwayne Woods.


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