Being Molded: I Kandu It!

     It is captivating to watch a potter throw clay on a wheel. A potter can patiently and skillfully transform a simple ball of clay into remarkably any vessel orchestrated by his or her imagination. The work of a potter is purposeful and beautiful.

     Think of the time invested into the process of creating a handcrafted piece of pottery. It is inevitable that the heart of the artist lies within the masterpiece created. Consider the influence the potter has on the clay as it undergoes its transformation. Have you ever reflected upon the many influences that have shaped and molded you into who you are?

@CorinthiantheGreat profoundly put it this way: “Life has a way of forming you to be like a statue, stubborn and set in your ways. It’s vital to allow God to break that mold off of you, and through salvation, you can be broken down and changed for the better”. An artist himself, @CorinthiantheGreat, illustrated his point with the idea of a renewed believer in Christ being like wet clay molded into a new being by the greatest Potter there is.

     Be encouraged today that whatever your circumstances, you do not have to remain confined to what is holding you back from greatness. You no longer have to be defeated. Make the beautiful decision to be molded by the One who has greatness in store for you. He loves you and wants the best for you. Salvation renews you and helps you to be who the Lord has called you to be. Know that you “Kandu It!”

Isaiah 64:8


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