Being Intentional: I Kandu It!

     Motive can serve as an excellent indicator for determining the successful execution of a task. When I reflect on the countless times I left a task incomplete, I can chalk it up to a simple truth: my heart just was not in it. Often times, there were excuses that accompanied my lack of completion; however, that did not change the fact that when something pulled at my heart strings, I found a way to get it done. I made the necessary effort to complete whatever I had to do to achieve success. When the motivation runs deep, the intent behind your actions is more defined. Your intentional efforts push you pass fear, rejection, criticism, adversity and whatever obstacles that you face along your path to success.

     When I decided to be intentional with my walk with God, one of the toughest obstacles was tackling my tendency to make excuses. I made excuses for why I was settling for mediocre. I made excuses for why I no longer desired extraordinary. I made excuses for my bad behaviors. I identified with others that were full of excuses. I got sick and tired of excuses. I decided that I would no longer make another excuse for myself. This was a process marked by specific prayers. I recognized my dependence on material things. My faith required me to lean to understanding what the Lord was doing in my life. There was a shift toward a dependence on the spirit of the Lord within me. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide me and serve as my moral compass. I sought to do what was pleasing in the eyes of God. I devoted time to understanding my purpose. I desired to be motivated by the purpose that God intended for me. Driven by the purpose that aligned me with the Lord’s will empowered me daily. It truly felt rejuvenating. I became energetic and passionate about taking on each day. Be encouraged that when you move in faith, the Lord is with you every step of the way. He desires to see you trusting in His plan over your life. He will be the source of your strength at times of weakness, and He will be the source of your joy at times of sadness.

     Then came another tough obstacle that, truth be told, I’m still facing. Intentionally walking with the Lord and facing ridicule and doubt is difficult. I’ve chosen to face this difficulty from a stance of victory, but it is still tough. My decision to be intentional with my walk with God has blessed me. There are still worldly ideals that have challenged my intent to aim for God’s best in my life. I must be mindful every day to look past my current circumstances. My faith empowers me to know that as long as I trust God, He will provide all that I need. Distractions must be avoided. I must remain focused and dedicated to fulfilling my purpose. Facing doubters and unbelievers is inevitable. Whoever speaks negatively over someone else is speaking from his or her own pain and suffering. Misery loves company and throwing pity parties. Be encouraged that I was elevated above the negativity I used to entertain and so can you. Be encouraged that the Lord can help you live above the influence and opinions of others. There is something incredibly beautiful about facing the ugliness of the world with a gentle, kind spirit. Know that when you’re walking with God, it is up to you to reflect God’s love through your character. You may be the light that someone desperately needs to see in a time of darkness.

1 Corinthians 13:11, 1 Peter 3:14-17


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