Focusing on Me: I Kandu It!

     There came a time when I had to assess my situation, recognize my role in how I got there and develop a plan of action of how I would progress forward aiming for my best. I had to perform a self evaluation.

     The tricky part was being honest with myself about myself. The experience was therapeutic. I learned a great deal. I had to come to terms with secrets, desires, patterns and habits. I identified strengths, weaknesses, passions and goals. It was important to understand who and what influenced me and my influence on others. The process demanded focus and dedication. 

     It was hard to admit that I had spent the majority of my life consumed by the opinions and expectations of others. I simply had not given much time and attention to what I thought about myself and what would be best for myself. This tendency led me to be taken advantage of in several aspects of my life. It was why I would work so hard for someone else but struggled to apply that same diligent work ethic to my own endeavors. I had finally had enough of myself putting myself down. It was time to move out of my own way. I decided to take myself seriously. I adopted a new attitude and perspective into my life. I had no more time to waste. I felt liberated. It was important to keep my momentum. 

     Recognizing the things that had held me back for so long was tough, but I refused to pitch a tent and camp out with them. It was as if I threw a farewell party to my flaws. Everyone has flaws. They keep us humble, but be careful not to give your flaws more power over your strengths. I had to find a healthy balance. On one side, I appreciated my mistakes. My mistakes served me lessons to learn from. On the other side, I understood my mistakes were no longer welcome to hinder my progression. Truly striving for my best required me to be courageous. The next major step was to step out of my comfort zone.

     My faith and trust in God became pivotal. Be encouraged today that the Lord will guide and protect you as you walk with Him. You must recognize Him as your true Shepherd. He is the one that provides all that you will ever need, but you must trust Him. Choose to be led by the Lord to who He has called you to be. It begins with you taking the time to gauge who far you strayed from your chosen path in life. Do not be intimidated by the process. It will heal you and restore you. You Kandu It!

Isaiah 40:11, Romans 8:28, Ephesians 4:1-3, 


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