Redefining Trust: I Kandu It!

      It is true that in order to trust, you must open up. This may take some time. Your heart may be guarded, usually due to brokenness associated with previous heartache. Know that you’re not alone. Trust me when I say, I’ve been there. I’ve been there quite a few times.

     Truthfully, I had gotten to the point where I had made up my mind. Trusting people was no longer a good idea. My broken heart just couldn’t take any more disappointment.

      I’m so grateful that I didn’t remain at that dark place long before learning what my true issue with trust was. Redefining trust was absolutely necessary for me to grow and move forward. I had misunderstood what trust required. Somehow, I had hoped to have a successful relationship flourish even with me holding back details of myself I wasn’t willing to share. That cannot work with anyone, and it most certainly will not work with God. My tainted view of trust was blocking me from experiencing what real trust looked like. With trust comes vulnerability; however, decide today that you’re done identifying with the negative outcomes of your past. Choose, instead, to trust from a positive standpoint. 

      Trusting tied into my walk of faith with God. Trust and faith work well together. Both require you to believe in something that is unseen. Although it is unseen, you are remarkably confident that it is real and working for your good. As I trusted God, I began healing from my past. It took a while, but I believed that He forgave me, so I, in turn, forgave myself. I trusted myself moving forward that I was called to greatness. 

      I was determined to claim my purpose and use my gifts to spread a message of encouragement through my writing. I’m a work in progress, and God is still guiding me as I learn to trust in Him in all things. It makes such a difference to lean on Him rather than my own understanding. I am confident that if I remain focused and dedicated to trusting God, He will provide me with everything that is intended for me. This is how I carry myself throughout each day. Be encouraged that this is what God wants from you and for you as well. 

     Wherever you may be in your walk with Him, you can learn to trust in God. Know that when you trust in Him, your every need will be met. You will not lack in anything. There is a refreshing peace that washes over you when you trust in God. Know that you Kandu It!

Psalms 56:3-4, Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 40:28-31


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