Blaming Myself: I Kandu It!

     Be careful when you blame others for your life circumstances. You run the risk of blocking your own progression, because you’re not learning the lesson that the circumstance was intended to teach. It is understandable that people influence your life, but there is something liberating about taking responsibility of yourself, your actions and your circumstances. Hold yourself accountable, so that you can grow past the pits and challenges that are inevitable in life. You can easily spend countless hours, days, weeks and years stewing over things that were meant to be felt for only minutes. I’ve thrown many pity parties over many years of my life, only to recognize now that I hindered myself and created vicious cycles that are overwhelmingly difficult to break. I’ve wasted time holding grudges that, in the end, only hurt me. Take it from me, life hurts at times, but you can heal so much quicker and healthier if you evaluate the situations that hurt you accurately. Maybe an unhealthy relationship has scarred you and left you hesitant to love again. Reluctance is understandable; however, if you carefully dissect the relationship and understand your role in its outcome, you will know better going into a future relationship. Take the life lesson for what it was, so you can grow past it. That unhealthy relationship can then teach you the healthy way to love. Your broken heart will mend and be stronger than before, because you chose to take some of the blame and be a better partner to your future mate.

     The sooner I was able to take some blame for myself, the sooner I could lead a much happier life. Blaming myself for the moments of my past that didn’t go well in my favor elevated me to a more mature perspective. I no longer behaved like some spoiled brat insisting that life wasn’t fair, and people were so cruel and blah, blah, blah. Once I recognized my share of the blame, the excuses I had created for myself didn’t hold up any longer. 

Be encouraged that you, too, can grow from your experiences. Make sure to learn from your mistakes to help avoid repeating those mistakes. You Kandu It!

Psalm 119:1, Philippians 2:13-15


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