Tithing From My Heart: I Kandu It!

     Consider tithing as an act of faith. Tithing requires a sacrifice to God in order to reap the benefits of walking with Him. Tithing can then serve as an invitation to God into your financial situation. My decision to tithe came about after many years of managing my money how I thought it best, only to learn that I was just wrong. I was wrong about my perspective regarding money. I was wrong for not even considering God when it came to where money was spent. I grew tired of living paycheck to paycheck. 

     I became exhausted from working so much just to be able to keep my head somewhat above water. I had invited God into my life but neglected to allow Him to work in all aspects of it. Yes, God, please come into my heart and begin molding me into the woman You’ve called me to be. Yes, God, please change my thoughts so I can see the positive effects of my newly adopted Kandu attitude. It took a bit longer to say yes to God coming into my poor financial situation. Tithing began after I was stripped of a few possessions. Tithing began after some humiliation and vulnerability took place. I understood after trying it my way, it was finally time to do it how God intended in the first place.

     Tithing became more about an act of faith. As I observed financial increase in my life, I wholeheartedly put aside 10% to God and grew to be thankful for the remaining 90%. Bills were still overwhelming me. Debt didn’t just vanish all of a sudden. I grew to understand the remaining 90% was what God granted me to invest in things that pleased Him. I asked Him to guide me as I humbled myself to grow within my means. Money was valued but no longer a master over my life. I grew thankful for growing in my faith and trust in God. I have faced a lesson that needed to be learned in order to reap greater benefits into my life. Money was necessary but not as important as pleasing God, whom I deemed my Master. 

     Tithing from my heart was a task that was pleasing to God. I trusted He wouldn’t put me through any season of my life without teaching lessons in order for me to progress forward with clarity. Well, lessons learned and message received. Now it was time to watch Him work in all aspects of my journey with Him. God asked for 10% of my increase to be invested in a house of God. Tithing challenged me to see God in my financial increase. I invested in the desires of my heart that were now guided toward honoring God. I understood that when my heart was in giving to God, my tithe was well received. Tithing then connected directly with blessings that I observed. 

     Tithing helped me grow in my personal relationship with my Savior. Tithing required the beautiful act of trusting God. Be encouraged today to see God in whatever financial situation you may be in. Be encouraged that tithing may seem tough to do at first, but it is a good act. You can do the act of tithing. Give from your heart. Do not limit God in any situation. Allow God in your money and watch the difference it makes. 

Proverbs 23:4-5, Matthew 6:24, 1Timothy 6:9-10


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