Fueled by Love: I Kandu It!

     Observe the company you keep. The people you’re surrounded by most often are your sphere of influence. The relationships formed between you and people within your sphere of influence should be healthy, uplifting and loving. The world is not perfect, and people certainly fall short. The loving relationships you engage in make your life living in this world worthwhile. 

     Be encouraged to take a moment to evaluate your relationships you have with those closest to you. Ask yourself about your favorite qualities of each relationship. Maybe your mother is the best at listening and making you feel comforted and heard. She’s a reliable counselor to you. Your brother is the best at being brutally honest, so he’s your go-to-guy for the truth about anything. As you understand the loving relationships you’re involved in, be encouraged by them. Thinking of your closest love ones should make you feel warm and happy.

     Be encouraged to take that positive energy and gear it toward something you’re passionate about.

     Be encouraged today that you can experience love from an encouraging perspective. Positive thinking and encouragement take you much farther with a goal in mind. So, set a goal for yourself that is both challenging and fun. Get your loved ones involved with you. This way your journey to achieve better will feel like having teammates there along the way to victory. You are much more powerful that you think, and you do not have to face your life alone. There are people who love you and care about what you care about. Keep those people close to you. Keep them in mind as you face whatever challenges you are facing.

     Be encouraged that you will achieve what you are aiming for in your life. I strive to find an inspiring element to each and every day. Lately, I have been inspired to move forward with goals I’ve had in mind for a long while. Now that I’m approaching my goals from an attitude of “I Kandu It!”, I’m anticipating my success. I’m encouraged that I’m driven by purpose, fueled by my love of God and my loved ones and headed to my win! Now, my journey toward achieving my goals is paved with joy and fulfillment. I want that for you. Know that you can achieve greatness. You Kandu It! 


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