Revealing Myself: I Kandu It!

     Who has God called you to be? Many people go their entire lives without understanding how important the answer to this question truly is. 

Discovering who God says I am has come with ridicule, uncertainty and frustration. And those are only a few characteristics of my internal struggle with my identity crisis. I struggled to detach myself from the expectations of others. My desire for too long was to conform to the world. I struggled with comparing myself to others. I saw colleagues being elevated in their chosen fields, getting married and starting their families. I wondered why not me. I felt unsettled. I felt like a failure, because the things I wanted in my life weren’t happening, and time continued to remind me that I was just getting older. I became exhausted from chasing dreams that didn’t belong to me. 

    I had to learn that success was self-defined. Looking to others to define what my success looked like was not the way to go. It was not until I began seeking God’s plan for my life did I become restored. I spent countless hours in the Word of God. I prayed fervently to God to order my steps, so that I could walk with Him. The Holy Spirit guided me through a transformation where I found myself thinking differently and speaking differently. I learned that God knew what my heart desired. It wasn’t time for what I desired. I needed to break down the strongholds I, myself, had erected. I was standing in my own way of receiving what God had in store for me. I prayed fervently for God to come into my heart, remove any desires not pleasing to Him and replace those desires with ones that He considered good. One of the toughest obstacles I faced while revealing who God called me to be was the sense of loneliness. I had to spend time on my own understanding the truth about myself. It was valuable to discover this truth for myself. My time alone with God was essential. It wasn’t time to run to anyone else and get their opinion. I humbly devoted time to God to discover the woman of God He intended for me to be. Only then could I properly discern what He said about me as opposed to the opinions of others. 

Be encouraged today that what others say is true about you will never amount to what God says is true about you. He created you in His own image. God makes no mistakes. You are unique to God. You are valuable to Him and He loves you unconditionally. Do not look to anyone else to identify you. So, I ask again. Who has God called you to be?

2 Kings 1:10-12, Romans 8:19, Romans 8:28-30, Jeremiah 1:4-5, 1 John 4:4


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